Humanitarian logistics

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Humanitarian logistics

In recent years, humanitarian organizations have been faced with a growing gap between the needs of the population and the international resources available to meet those needs. Some NGOs are looking for new sources of funding, while others are seeking to optimize existing funds. As the main item of expenditure in humanitarian aid, logistics is an important lever for cost-effective operations.

Logistics are at the heart of every humanitarian operation, accounting for 60-80% of expenditure. Each time a crisis occurs, new logistics chains are set up, requiring adaptive solutions that are as responsive, relevant and efficient as possible. Transport, fuel, road infrastructure, housing and accommodation for aid workers and their computers must also be considered.

Many humanitarian organizations try to focus their interventions on emergency situations (conflicts, population displacements, epidemics, natural disasters, etc.) even though their response capacity is very limited due to their structure or lack of expertise in the logistics field.

We offer advice on logistics needs assessment, the configuration of operational logistics services and supply management:

    • What are the options for mutualizing logistics services in this context?
    • How can we anticipate purchases and pre-positioning of materials and equipment?
    • Warehouse management for different products
    • How to prepare the organization for emergency response from a logistics point of view?
    • How to deal with stakeholders?
    • How to reduce environmental impact?

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