Advanced safety and security management

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Advanced safety and security management
About the training

Our three-day Advanced Security Management course enables humanitarian organizations and news agencies to train managers and middle managers in effective and efficient security management. Through on-site training, simulations, case studies and practical exercises, this course develops middle managers' and field managers' understanding of security management tools and procedures. INGOs and news agencies face multiple challenges in safeguarding and improving the safety of their workers operating in hostile and precarious environments. This requires a safety-focused approach from the earliest stages of the program.

Main objectives
  • Learn about the main trends in crisis management and how to deal with them
  • Discover the best practices adopted by organizations to deal with crises
  • Discover how to leverage agile team structures to successfully manage a crisis
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and build trust
  • Create a crisis response plan for your organization

Our methodology leads to the improvement of professional knowledge and skills, both individually and collectively, while giving participants the skills to respond to emerging challenges and adapt their safety strategies and protocols. Training combines specific case studies, exercises and program management simulations.

What will you learn?

Safety principles and management framework

  • Principles of humanitarian security
  • Duty of care standards - legal and ethical dimensions
  • Security and safety framework
  • Integrating security management into the project cycle
  • Security strategies and current challenges faced by aid organizations in integrating their environments
Security management for a humanitarian mission
  • Context assessment and stakeholder mapping
  • Risk analysis
  • Security planning
  • Preparing a security management budget - How to approach donors?
  • Standard operating procedures and contingency planning
  • Movement and travel management
  • Information management
  • How to prepare safety training for your staff
  • How to report and diagnose incidents
  • How to carry out an internal security diagnosis
  • Crisis management

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