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Frequent travelers
About the training

International Travel Safety is a unique 2-day training course on safety management and preparation for people who will be traveling abroad. This training aims to enable individuals to understand the importance of having contextual awareness, identifying cultural issues that could be a source of risk and, consequently, the need to gather the necessary information for their safety. The course is particularly suitable for junior humanitarian staff or journalists traveling for field assignments, business, reporting or vacation.


At the customer's premises, the trainer will guide participants through a theoretical and practical course based on a real-life scenario adapted to the customer's objectives, encountering a range of constraints at each phase of the trip. From context and situational awareness to fraud, bribery or sexual violence, participants will address issues of traveler health, hotel safety, public transport at destination and road accidents.

What will you learn?
  • Pre-departure logistics research and planning
  • Risk analysis at destination
  • Where to find information
  • How and what to pack - appropriate kit and essential supplies - including checklists
  • Safety and security during the trip
  • Avoiding the risks of public transport at destination
  • How to choose safe accommodation: basic precautions
  • Situational awareness: what to consider on arrival

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