Our services

NGOs, journalists, civil society organizations, foundations, human rights and environmental activists and UN agencies.

SAHCO specializes in conducting assessments of emergency and post-crisis requirements and projects. They provide strategic assistance for program planning and execution, monitor and evaluate objectives, conduct internal performance audits, and offer organizational support.

We provide services to NGOs, civil society organizations, international organizations, donors and UN agencies, carrying out qualitative and quantitative studies, drafting action plans and supporting project management.

We also advise and support media organizations in their information work in the field.


Inform humanitarian personnel about best practices in risk management


Raising awareness of the need for involvement in safety design and implementation


Develop the essential skills that each participant needs to master in order to mitigate risks in his or her environment

They trust us

Strategic and operational advice in the field

Assessment of needs in precarious situations and departure needs

Humanitarian logistics

External safety management audit

Boost your career

Follow theoretical and practical course modules enriched by current feedback from the field.


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