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Strategic and operational consultancy in the field

employers, NGOs have a moral obligation to their employees to ensure that they are not exposed to risks in the performance of their duties.

In many contexts, NGOs have a Duty of Care towards their employees, which requires established systems and procedures to manage workplace risks.

Understanding the structure of an SMS is essential to determining its effectiveness. What is the system composed of? How can the system be communicated to those responsible for its implementation?

SAHCO consultants are experienced field workers, aware of the resources available and the technical solutions on the market. They implement a specific methodology to analyze the global security configuration at the various stages of the mission or program. They are experts in integrating safety management into the project cycle. SAHCO is therefore in a position to propose the solutions best suited to the threats identified in the risk analysis:

1. Evaluation of the organization's field operations and programs

2. Analysis of existing safety tools in place of prevention and emergency plans

3. Identification of specific gaps in global configuration

4. Documentation and safety management tools (policies, safety guides, safety notes, travel procedures, etc.)

5. Available security budget and its structure according to the specific donor.

6. Safety and security of available equipment and technology.

7. Available human resources (training, skills, recruitment conditions, job rotation, external service providers, etc.)

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