Defensive driving

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Defensive driving

Our 3-day training course in defensive driving in hostile environments is specially designed by field experts and specialists in operations in isolated environments. It is designed to improve the driving skills of personnel deployed in high-risk areas. It is aimed at drivers for humanitarian or international organizations, drivers for diplomatic representations and, more generally, journalists or actors in private companies. At a time when attacks and incidents targeting the transport and convoys of various players in the field are multiplying, it is important for them to take proactive measures to ensure that their drivers are trained and prepared to work in high-risk, dangerous environments.

About the training
  • Advanced training for vehicle drivers
  • Learn the rules of defensive driving, safe driving practices, protocols for driving in hostile environments, vehicle control and emergency procedures.
  • Based on realistic scenarios and case studies
Main objectives
  • Reduce risks by anticipating hazardous situations and environments, unfavorable conditions and terrain, or driving incidents.
  • Improvement: planning and preparing for trips and dealing with emergency situations.
  • Acquire techniques/know-how to react to situations and incidents likely to arise during field missions.
Methodology/ trainers

SAHCO works with expert trainers who are specialists in their fields, practitioners with extensive field experience who give participants the confidence and skills to act outside their comfort zones.

What will you learn?

The training is situation-based, with realistic simulations to keep you immersed throughout. SAHCO Consulting leads participants to understand their individual role in ensuring their own safety as well as that of the whole team.

  • Preparing your vehicle and route
  • Anticipating dangerous situations and observing the environment
  •  Mastering driving and reflexes
  • Safety and defensive driving training (SDDT
  • 4×4 armoured/unarmoured vehicles
  • Advanced and offensive driving training
  • Traumatic emergency first aid protocol to prepare for life-threatening emergencies
  • Anticipate potential road accident situations.
  • Respond to emergency driving situations
  • Develop effective vehicle observation and control skills
  • Demonstrate low-risk driving techniques.
  • Analyze, anticipate and mitigate safety and security risks.
  • Vehicle mechanics and driving science
  • Vehicle types and considerations
  • Vehicle checks, equipment and emergency preparedness
  • Anticipating attacks and preventing ambushes
  • Evasive maneuvers and concepts on different vehicles
  • Accident prevention, emergency braking and obstacle avoidance
  • High-speed vehicle maneuvers, braking techniques and skid control
  • 2-point evasion and 180° turning techniques

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